Hiring your commercial painting company

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When hiring your commercial painting company for your business or store in the LEhigh Valley or New Jersey price is always the first thing brought up. But if you consider the lost time because a less experienced crew took longer, wasted materials or over ordered and disrupted the day to day operations. Sometimes that lower […]

Paint your office building

Painting your Lehigh Valley office building or business should be a stress free project. We can help you not interrupt any daily business and make a plan to not interfere with any customers. By proper planning and coordination by Ryan Amato Paitning and his crew you can be assured your make your business flourish while […]

How to Paint Aluminum or Vinyl Siding

              First of all painting aluminum siding or vinyl siding can be done as long as the preparation to do so is done professionally. We have seen so many times when a home owner tries to soft or power wash their surface it makes a mess of their home […]

Free Color Consultations

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Best Painting Company Of 2015

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  We are honored again to have been selected as the 2015 Lehigh Valley Style Best Painting Company in the Lehigh Valley. We cannot thank our customers and vendors enough and promise to uphold our quality for each and every job.      

The best way to power wash your home.

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Most people have misconceptions of pressure washing. A commonly held view is that a pressure washer cleans with high pressure on the surface, and a higher PSI rating (pounds per square inch) for a pressure washer equals more cleaning ability. A first time user of a pressure washer will usually try to clean with pressure, […]

Cleanest and most professional painting company

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Why Use a Professional Painting Company   It’s important to make sure that a particular painting job is done right. This is true whether it involves the interior of a residence or company store or the exterior of a commercial property. If the job is done right, the client will be able to bask in […]

Choosing the right Lehigh Valley Painting Company

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No one looks forward to painting their home, but everyone loves the look when it is freshly painted. The pitfalls and headaches often associated with painting a home are avoidable–or at least kept to a minimum–by selecting the right Easton painting company. The first step in a worry-free painting project is selecting a company. If […]

Awarded the Best Painting Company in the Lehigh Valley

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We have been awarded the Best Painting company in the Lehigh Valley. Whether it be interior painting, exterior painting or more we can handle all your painting needs. We offer free estimates and can help with your color selections Our crew is experienced, professional and can work to not disrupt your daily life. We can […]

Enhancing the Beauty of Easton Wood through Stains

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There are different kinds of trees used to make wood for furniture, floors and decors. From pine, walnut, ash, cedar, cherry to oak trees, the choices are vast. And because each tree is unique, the wood that comes from them is distinctive in its appearance. It can have dark, light or reddish hues. Despite its […]

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