But what does it cost to paint?

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What does it cost?

What does it cost?

People often call and simply ask what does it cost to paint my house

This generally is very hard to clearly answer as there are many variables such as their expectations, the current condition, access, timing of the project and so much more. However nothing is more frustrating then showing up at an estimate when they are simply trying to establish a budget or looking for the lowest possible price for it. To alleviate this we have begun to gather as much info BEFORE we even show up on the estimate.

By asking many questions and determining budget we can many times save wasted time or trips. Think about it, wouldn’t it be great for me to show up already knowing what you hope or expect to spend on a project knowing there is a good chance we can offer that? Or would you rather have someone show up, spend 30-45 minutes showing them around and probably 2-3 times over with other contractors also only to have sticker shock when they send that proposal over and then have no options.

By knowing your estimated budget does not mean you will pay more with reputable companies, for us knowing your price points will help us tailor a prescribed solution to your project rather then waste time knowing your looking for a Ford and were offering a Ferrari. So here are a few sample prices to show you what you may expect to pay. Of course every job and company is different but it is a starting point. With our company I know our numbers very well, our employees are just that and are insured and we carry workman’s compensation. Training is available and scheduled for all painters which means you get skilled craftsmen along with an apprentice or two learning the trade. Prices below are examples of residential painting, commercial prices are generally lower because of the known conditions and scope of work is generally within blueprints = no guessing

Large Exterior

Large Exterior

This large home above is a typical home we have painted, so spent time on the estimate, consultation for colors, power wash (soft wash) to prep. Mask out for spraying, paint shutters , any wood trim at fascia and re paint gutters and downspouts. Apply two coats to all siding and paint the front and rear doors. You can expect to pay between $7500 and $12,000 depending on products used, how much trim and condition of the home

Painting a medium sized home

Painting a medium sized home

This Medium Sized and typical home we have painted with the same scope as a above you can expect to pay between $5500-$7500 of course many factors change that price.


Large Master Bedroom

Large Master Bedroom

Interior Painting presents many other and different challenges, we are working close near the family and we try to make it a pleasant experience and not disrupt daily life. The Large Master bedroom above requires moving all the furniture to the center of the room, inspection of the current wall and ceiling conditions, spackling of any nail pops, cracks then spot priming those and caulking all of the trim. You can expect to use the following assuming this room is 12×15

  • 2 Tubes Caulk High Grade $12.00
  • 1 Roll Tape $6
  • Sheet Plastic $6
  • 1 Gallon Primer Benjamin Moore $25
  • 2 Gallons Ceiling Paint Benjamin Moore Regal $100
  • 2 Gallons Wall Paint Benjamin Moore Regal $100
  • 1 Gallon Trim Paint Muralo Ultra $47
  • Labor and misc materials $800 for a total of $1096.00

Remember these are sample prices and can vary , this is about 1.30 a wall sq ft not including the trim which is included above.

Wall sq ft is measured by measuring the length of all walls then multiplying by height of the ceiling . Ceiling sq footage is measured length x width. Add both together and that is your sq footage.

As you can see prices can vary, you can add trim, subtract trim, use multiple coats or not. It all effects the price as does the type of paint you use. If you use a cheaper paint it actually will increase the cost of labor as it may not go as far or need even more coats not to mention it is harder to use .

Where contractors will save here is on lower grade products, cheap or uninsured labor and cutting corners, when you get your prices and they are different this is where you need to make sure everyone is figuring the same products and application .

If you are looking for an experienced Northampton & Lehigh County painter then please call (484) 821-7112 or complete our online request form.




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