Excuses Are For Suckers

March 6, 2016 at 5:18 pm | Category: Business

What is the number one pet peeve of mine in managing employees ?
Excuses If someone asked me to name the one thing that bothers me the most or surprised me about employees or future employees it has to be accountability and responsibility.

Yes those are two different things but really are interchangeable. We work hard to train our painters and office staff , we go through quite a few people over the course of the year. The main reason is they cannot do one simple thing and that is to be accountable for their own actions.

This sounds easy to most people and those with a driven work ethic. I was always taught you get what you work for and if you do not work hard nothing will be given to you. So I busted my butt every job site I went on, learning as much as I could. I would show up at least a half hour early even with an hour and a half ride one way. Leaving home generally at 4:30 am and not getting home until after 5pm.

I never asked if I was being paid for that time driving, never asked to be paid in advance and expected nothing. I was 22 years old, had a baby at home and was making $6 an hour. I HAD to work and HAD to succeed. Was this always fun? no way and some days I would drag myself to work hating every minute of it. But what soon started to happen is people noticed the work ethic, I didn’t wait for things to happen I made them happen. If there was nothing to do at the moment I would go find something to do or help someone else out.

In the painting business all year is a tryout leading up to winter time when work is slow and only the best of the best are working and those are the team players, people who follow all the policies and have potential for the most part. It doesn’t have to be the best painter as the best painters are sometimes not the best employees.

A big part of all of this is and getting back to the point of this post is taking accountability and owning it. From making excuses when your late in the morning or not showing up at all or to having a small accident on a job to wasting time and the job not being profitable. Everyone it seems is quick to blame the other guy or girls on the job sites or in the office and I would assume it is like this with other businesses too.

According to Career Builder While employers reported heightened absenteeism around the holidays, the prime time of year for sick notices occurs in the first quarter between January and March. Over 30% of no-show occurs during this period in time. April through June sees a 13% rate and July through September sees a 30% rate of absenteeism. October through December sees a 23% rate of no shows.

Here are my top excuses from this year:

  1. Alarm never went off (but it’s 11am?)
  2. Couldn’t find the job site (but never called)
  3. Car broke down (Most mentioned)
  4. Had to watch children (never called)
  5. On why they didn’t order paint to finish the job they were on for a month (oh didn’t know I had to)
  6. On wearing red sweatpants to work after repeatedly notified about policies to wear white painter pants he chose to go to white sweatpants (good try)
  7. Showing up at shop at 8am (start time) Why are you here you need to be on job site at this time? “oh didn’t know” and they were here 4 months
  8. On failure to fill out paperwork “I am a painter not an office person”

The title above is excuses are for suckers because their excuses are sucking time , money and energy out of each company they work for

Own It

I personally have spilled paint, have been late and I am not perfect but the thing to do is know you have to be better and expect more from yourself and the other people working with you, if they cannot keep up we are not lowering our policies and standards down to them. We will try to uplift them but if it is impossible we will move on quickly. If you looked around a recent meeting we had you will see those that do take accountability and do own up to mistakes. The others are constantly weeded out throughout the year.

Own up to your mistakes no one is perfect

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