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October 31, 2015 at 11:53 pm | Category: Business, Company

Some customers know it all

Some customers know it all:

This is not an attack on all customers at all, but having interacted with many over the years we have met many I would consider friends today and speak to often and then there are the others. The others make everyone from the painters on the job to the people in the office cringe when we hear their name. So where did it go wrong and where do they come from? Is it our fault? In some ways most likely we broke our core values of how we hire a customer and yes I said we hire the customer. We do not have to work for everyone who calls us and we do not, most businesses would think this may be nuts but to be able to pick the people you work for and with is an awesome way to do business. When we step way from this is always when an issue arises. We have core company values and ones which we all work with every day and run the company with. They are accountability, relationships, dependability, trustworthy and commitment. Now they may mean something different to everyone but in those core values generally one will be lacking from a customer who snuck by and onto our schedule .

  1. Maybe it is the customer who demands immediate scheduling and gets angry when you say your booked for 2 months. They are breaking many values there and believing they are and should be serviced before everyone else.
  2. Maybe it is the customer who does not care you have a family obligation and cannot do an estimate during your sons baseball game. family should always come first
  3. Pet Peeve Alert: Could it be the customer who no matter what line of work they are in while you are there they are a painting contractor with years of experience and want to be the Foreman on your job. (This will be a totally separate article)
  4. It could also be the one who tries to have you do additional work they claim was “in” the contract or demands you do not paint if it might rain but then wonders where you are when it is raining.

So you can see most of my/our values were broken above and I could go on and on. So what happened? How did they slip through? Most likely we did not spend enough time on the estimate asking questions or they demanded an estimate without being home or meeting us which we do not do by rule and for this reason. This is our fault and we work on this all the time in the office to make sure this will not happen. We cannot chase a dollar at the expense of our values, it will only bring about a stressed company, unhappy customer as we won’t bend over backwards to do the wrong things and an unpleasant job site

Here is a simple way we live and run our company:

No Jerks

No Jerks: Yes I said No Jerks

This means no jerks for customers

No jerks as employees

We do not do business with jerks


Sounds simple right? Not really, jerks come in all forms and you have to be diligent and stick to your core values otherwise they will have you breaking them yourself.

Stick to your company values and watch your company grow and prosper while interacting with the type of people you love to be around.

Here is a great video on getting the proper estimate



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