How to choose your paint sheens

September 18, 2017 at 11:30 pm | Category: Interior Painting

Paint sheens and how to choose


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Choosing paint sheen can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be

So you’re ready to paint your home and you picked out the best color and know what brand you’re getting and then they ask you what sheen would you like to use and you look like a deer in the headlights. No one ever explained them and who cares what sheen we use, the color is what we want.


This is the most important decision you can make, the sheen is what makes it sometimes washable or not, easy to touch up or not and will show imperfections or not.

We made this list to help you choose the perfect sheen depending on the situation, lighting, application difficulty and use of space will all affect the choice. Your estimator or office staff can certainly help assist in this decision.


We would like to thank you for the opportunity of earning your business. Amato Painting, LLC would like to help you pick the correct sheen for your project. Please review our suggestions below:

  1. Flat:
  2. Look:  Non-reflective
  3. Qualities:  Hides imperfections, absorbs light, hard to clean, easy touch up
  4. Best Use:  Low traffic areas, interior walls, and ceilings
  5. Matte:
  6. Look:  low luster but with an angular sheen
  7. Qualities:  Hides minor imperfections, absorbs light, low stain resistance, easier to clean
  8. Best Use:  Medium traffic areas (bedrooms), interior walls
  9. Eggshell:
  10. Look:  Flat finish with little luster. Soft velvet like appearance
  11. Qualities:  cover wall imperfections, resists some dirt and grime , may not touch  up as easy as other sheens
  12. Best Use:  Moderate traffic areas (Living room, dining room)
  1. Satin:
  2. Look:  pearl like look
  3. Qualities:  easy to clean, can be used inside and outside, resists mildew, dirt and stains. Will show any imperfections on your walls
  4. Best Use: high traffic areas, and areas that exposure to some moisture (kitchen)
  5. Semi-Gloss:
  6. Look: radiant sheen, reflects light
  7. Qualities: easy to clean, resists mildew, moisture and wear, can be used inside and outside. Hard to touch up
  8. Best Use: high traffic and moisture prone areas (bathrooms, kitchens)
  9. Gloss:
  10. Look: Smooth, high shine finish, glass like finish
  11. Qualities:  very easy to clean, no touch up and shows every imperfection
  12. Best Use: surfaces that are frequently cleaned, window trim, cabinets, doors

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