Epoxy Floor Services in Northampton & Lehigh County

At Ryan Amato Painting, our Lehigh Valley commercial flooring contractors specialize in installing high quality epoxy flooring. We conduct both the necessary preparatory tasks and the installation and curing services for our customers. In every commercial flooring project we undertake, our Lehigh Valley painting contractor strives to customize our services in order to promote the productivity and profitability of our customer's commercial properties.

Call Ryan Amato Painting today if you need to hire a commercial flooring contractor in Lehigh Valley who specializes in epoxy flooring installations. Our courteous and polite staff would be happy to assist you in any way that we can. We can answer any of your questions and schedule your appointment today.

Electro-Static Dissipative Floor Installation in Northampton & Lehigh County

Electrostatic Dissipative Floor SystemsPerhaps the most important reason for you to install an electro-static disspative epoxy floor in your Lehigh Valley commercial property is to promote worker safety. If flooring is too conductive, everyone within your business will be at risk. Commercial flooring must be properly grounded and tested after installation. You, as an Lehigh Valley business owner, must know to an absolute certainty that your commercial flooring meets OSHA and NFPA safety standards. At Ryan Amaton Painting, our Lehigh Valley commercial flooring contractors can help you with every one of these tasks and responsibilities.

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UV Cured Epoxy Flooring in Northampton & Lehigh County

UV Cured Epoxy FlooringThe primary benefits of installing UV cured epoxy flooring in your Lehigh Valley commercial property results from its difference from traditional drying methods. When you install UV cured epoxy flooring, you will be able to utilize the work space as soon as possible. In addition, your flooring will have better scratch and solvent resistance and the UV curing process will promote superior bonding. With the help of our experts, your commercial flooring will be installed in a way to promote the productivity and profitability of your Lehigh Valley commercial property.

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Diamond Grinding and Shot Blasting in Northampton & Lehigh County

Diamond Grinding and Shot BlastingDiamond grinding and shot blasting is the best method to prepare concrete before installing commercial flooring. Through our diamond grinding services, our Lehigh Valley flooring contractors will clean, abrade, and make smooth your concrete surfaces. Our efforts will remove thin coatings and mastics in order to prime the concrete surface for the next coating to be installed. As such, if you are going to apply epoxy or sealers to your concrete areas of your Lehigh Valley commercial property, you can benefit greatly from our diamond grinding and shot blasting services.

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