Ryan Amato Painting - Painting FAQ's

Cabinet Refinishing FAQs

Do you spray or roll and why?

We typically roll them using the finest of application tools for an ultra-fine finish; most would not be able to tell the difference. We also do offer spraying for an additional fee

Spraying requires in more preparation and cleanup and is harder to touch up when needed however it may result in a finer finish

Brushing and rolling also can give a fine finish with qualified applicators, less down time and easier touch up capabilities

How many coats do you do?

We will do one prime/adhesion coat and two full finish coats using the finest materials.

How long will my job take?

This is a process and may require up to 4-5 days for application time until the doors can be put back on. Your cabinets will still be curing for weeks after so there may be a nick or ding here and there. We will show you how to easily touch this up should it happen and leave all the extra finish paint.

What is the warranty?

We offer a 1 year warranty on most of our services, this covers application error while material failure is covered by the manufacturer. You will have some maintenance to do on your own and this is not covered under a normal warranty.

How long will they last?

With any painted surface they should last years to come however they are painted and paint when hit, banged or damages such as rubbing surfaces can result in chips. This is normal and can be touched up easily by the homeowner.

Do you supply new hardware?

No; However, for an added fee we can install your new hardware, they only thing we do not replace or install are the hinges

Will the grain still show after painting?

Yes, this is certainly possible, although you are receiving three full coats the grain of the cabinets may still show, this is the character of your cabinets and not seen as a cosmetic imperfection. This will not go away with additional coats.

Can I wash them?

Yes, with a mild solution of dish soap and water they may be washed.

Can we do our own prep to save costs?

This would void any warranty and is not recommended.

Painting Floors FAQs

How long will the floor last?

This depends on many factors such as what is the floor being used for, what products were used and was the proper maintenance done on the floor. We offer maintenance packages to inspect and top coat floors each year. A typical floor should last for years to come.

What is the warranty?

A we offer a one year labor which covers application failure.

How long do I have to stay off of the floor?

This depends on the products used and the use of the floor. Typically foot traffic is 24-48 hours

I see black marks where we park our cars?

This is hot tire pickup, try to let your tires cool off before pulling into the garage.

Will it be slippery?

It can be, this depends on the products used.

Will it smell?

Again this depends on the products used, the smell comes from the evaporation the the solvent in the air.

Is the apron on the exterior side of the garage included?

This area cannot be painted with epoxy as the uv light will turn it yellow. If you would like this painted we can offer other solutions

Do I need to remove everything from the area?

Yes, everything that can be moved should to make the application go smooth. With epoxy’s there is limited time to work with them and we must work in an expedited manner. Any delays could result in lost material and increased charges.

General Painting FAQs

How long will it take?

Every project is different depending on prep and scope of work.

Who will be inside my home?

A background checked, fbi checked professional craftsman who is also an employee with full liability and workman’s compensation coverage.

How many coats will we get?

Unless otherwise specified in your scope of work we typically use two full coats on interiors and exterior walls. If trim is going the same color and sheen one coat may suffice. Always refer back to scope of work

When do we pay?

We schedule after deposit is received, after that unless otherwise specified your foreman will receive payment on the last day of the job.

Will the owner of the company be painting?

No, to keep the company running he has focused on having quality people surround him and run the day to day operations. All of our employees and painters go through rigorous training.

What will you do first on our job?

Typically the foreman will walk through the job on the first day to go over the job and scope of work , at this time he or she will tell you how the job will be sequenced.

Will they leave me touch up paint?

Yes, we will leave at least a quart of each color.

What time will they start each day?

We usually work from 8am until 430 pm. Other arrangement scan be arranged if needed but must be known at time of estimate.

Do you spray or roll?

This depends on the situation, most exterior work such as siding we will spray after careful masking. Some jobs spraying is needed others it is brush and roll, we will let you know which your job needs.

How do I select my colors?

We will send a color sheet for you to write your colors down to supply to us before ordering. Should you need help figuring colors we also offer a color consultation.

Why does my paint look different? Are you using the wrong color?

When you select a color generally it is off of a paper sample, when you put this on the wall in real life, lighting whether from the sun, ceiling lights can certainly change the look of the color even from wall to wall.

Will there be touch ups?

Most likely yes, we will do these after a walk through with you on the last day of the job.

When will my job be scheduled?

We schedule after received deposits and signed contracts on a first come first served basis. After receipt of these we have a once a week scheduling meeting and someone will reach out to you after with a tentative date.

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