Northampton & Lehigh Log Home Staining

Log Home Staining or Log Cabin Staining is done carefully. After we get the wood surface clean, dry, and smooth, we begin staining. We have a really good routine for staining that includes masking off with tape and plastic everything that we don't want stained. This key step is critical to getting the finished look you can expect from your Log Cabin Wood Stain.

Next, we spray on the finish with an airless sprayer, and then brush the stain in by hand. This greatly speeds up the process compared to applying only with a brush, yet gives you a durable stain job by pushing the stain into the wood fibers.

We also do interior staining of wood trim, Tongue and Groove paneling, and other wood objects. Whether you are a homeowner or a builder, our water-based stains and sealers allow us to give you an even, finished appearance with a minimum of disruption in your schedule.

Our log home staining contractors take great care to protect everything that isn't supposed to get stained. This includes windows, doorknobs, thresholds, plants, rockwork, cars, and ornaments. Make sure everything is covered or moved inside before you let anyone work on your log home, even if they are only brushing. It's very easy to drip stain from a brush when applying the right amount.

If you are in need of professional log home staining services, give us a call today! We would love to answer your questions and give you a free quote!

Our Log Home Staining Experts Provide These Services

  • Log Wood Staining
  • Cabin Floor Staining
  • Log Cabin Finishing
  • Log Home Finishing
  • Log Home Staining
  • Stain for Log Wood
  • Wood Cabin Stain
  • Wood Cabin Paint
  • Finish For Cabin
  • Finishing Log Home
  • Log Cabin Finishing
  • Log Home Finishing


We Offer Log Cabin Staining Services to the Following Areas

Northampton County – PA | Lehigh County – PA  Lehigh Valley, PA | Easton, PA | Forks Township, PA | Bethlehem, PA | Allentown, PA | Center Valley, PA | Saucon Valley, PA | Wilson, PA | Palmer Township, PA | Whitehall, PA | Bethlehem Township, PA | Emmaus, PA | Williams Township, PA | Upper Saucon Township, PA | Nazareth, PA

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Ryan Amato Painting is a family company and has well over 100 years combined experience in the log cabin and log home staining business.You can be assured your wood finishing project is in great hands down to the last detail.No corners are ever cut on any job and our goal is to provide the best finish in the area at reasonable costs.

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