Wilson High School Gym Painting Project

Ryan Amato Painting - Barn PaintingAt Ryan Amato Painting, we have a great team of painting experts who are always ready to tackle any job, and this project was a great example of that. On a very tight schedule and budget, we utilized all of our best painters and craftsmen fix a paint failure at the Wilson High School Gym.

The decking (or ceiling) prime for some failing areas needed to repainted. We used Benjamin Moore Dry Fall paint on the ceilings. On the walls, we used Sherwin Williams Pre-Cat, which will hold up to the heavy use and the regular cleanings that the gym will do through.

Despite the circumstances, we finished this project on time and under budget. Our client had this to say about our services:

Products used:
Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Wilson High School Gym Painting Gallery

Customer Review

"Easiest project we ever did. No hassles, and they took care of everything."

| Rated: 5/5

Wilson High School

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