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Ryan Amato Painting offers high quality painting at affordable pricing. We are a family owned business with over 100 years of combined experience in the painting and finishes industry. For all painting projects, both large and small, we can provide a superior paint job as completed by drug free, background tested painters.

Interior Painting

Lehigh Valley Interior Painting

Interior painting has the unique ability to completely change the interior of your Lehigh Valley without remodeling. At Ryan Amato Painting, we can help you turn any dull, drab room into your dream atmosphere. Our color experts can help you choose the best colors for your flooring, furniture, lighting and the overall feel you are going for. Our Lehigh Valley interior painting experts have years of experience completing ....(Read More)

Exterior Painting

Lehigh Valley Exterior Painting

Finding ways to add value to your Allentown area home is a struggle most homeowners face. Their is an alternative to remodeling that has the potential to add thousands of dollars to the value or your home by increasing your curb appeal. Exterior painting is an affordable and great solution to making your home the envy of the ....(Read More)

Power Washing

Lehigh Valley Power Washing

Our power washing customers are always surprised at the results a simple wash can do for the exterior of their home, fence, deck, and concrete. Years of grime, dirt, mold and mildew are washed away in a few simple sprays. Ryan Amato Painting has years of experience providing the greater Lehigh County area with pressure washing and would love to assist you too. ....(Read More)

Wood Finishing

Lehigh Valley Wood Staining

Wood products are both beautiful and timeless. It is very important to make sure they are finished correctly to ensure their longevity and the preservation of their natural beauty. Ryan Amato Painting can complete any wood finishing project to perfection. Our Allentown wood finishing experts have experience completing furniture, wood fences, and wood trim and molding....(Read More)

Log Home Staining

Lehigh Valley Log Home Staining

Log Home Staining or Log Cabin Staining is done carefully. After we get the wood surface clean, dry, and smooth, we begin staining. We have a really good routine for staining that includes masking off with tape and plastic everything that we don't want stained ....(Read More)

Commercial Painting

Lehigh Valley Commercial Painting

Our commercial painting customers require a higher level of service, and, at Ryan Amato Painting, we always come through. Commercial building owners are always looking for ways to increase the value of their property and increase their curb appeal in order to attract to business. Our Allentown commercial painting experts have years of....(Read More)

Residential Painting

Lehigh Valley Commercial Painting

Ryan Amato Painting provides high quality residential painting serves to the greater Northampton and Lehigh County area. From interior painting to exterior painting and everything in between, we have your covered. Selecting a residential painting contractor is an important step for any homeowner. You want to be assured that the .(Read More)

Epoxy Floors

Lehigh Valley Commercial Painting

Epoxy Flooring is rising in popularity for both residential and commercial applications. Simply put, epoxy flooring is a special coating made for concrete and paved surfaces. Epoxy flooring makes it easier to clean and maintain your concrete floors while adding some a bit of style as well. Ryan Amato Painting would love to help .....(Read More)


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