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The Customer Is Always Right?

July 2, 2020 at 7:41 pm | Category: Estimating, Exterior Painting, Interior Painting

The Client Is Always Right?
If you go out anywhere you’re gonna run into people that are plain and simple jerks right? You know as soon as I said that you had somebody in your mind that you’ve come across in the last month. 
 You know when things aren’t going good you see people’s true colors and for the last three months or so we’ve all been kind of locked up in the house. It’s no different in business
 It all starts with that first phone call , you get people who are just difficult , all of a sudden they have no email address or they won’t give you their phone number and sometimes they won’t even give you their address.
You have to manage it on the first phone call, this should be  the first litmus test on whether that it’s somebody that you can work with because  it’s not getting better after that phone call.
 If they won’t give you their information, if they won’t give you their email address ,  if they won’t supply you with the basic information you need to do your job how are you going to do it and it’s only gonna get worse once the project starts.
 The second one is, what do they expect on their project? If they only want pricing, that’s all they’re looking for from you , to compare it to another company.
We recommend having that budget conversation from the beginning ,  knowing somebody’s budget budgetary range is a good thing that’s not a bad thing ,  ask on the phone .
You know if they’re looking to get a full exterior paint job and only want to spend  four hundred dollars that’s a conversation to have right there.  
 Do you have a written process for everybody that answers the phone? So now let’s assume you’ve actually got the information and you went out to give an estimate or you did a virtual estimate 
The customer has to be on site, if you go out and they’re not on site  it’s another opportunity for missed expectations.
 If a client is expecting something but never tells you throughout the whole process until you’re halfway through the job,  you’re in for it and it’s happened to us.
 I’m going out to estimates and everybody’s just says we just wanna paint job,  we want to change the color we want this and that. Never did they mention that they are expecting the wood to be completely smooth,  that’s a totally different paint job.
This is a totally different pint jobnow than what now and a different price but try to explain it to them now when you’re halfway through the job and they think that you’re screwing up. So  it’s important to say what’s on your mind , it’s important to ask questions when you’re on the estimate,  it’s important to get the expectations no matter how dumb you think the questions are.
You need to ask how much prep did they expect?  what do they want it to  look like at the end of the job? What will make this job an awesome job for them when they step back?  I want to know that have they had other jobs that went bad , I want to know that what’s most important to them.
 I want to know that,  because if you can ask and get the answers to all these questions you’re gonna be a step ahead of the game and you’re gonna be on the road to success

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