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Timing Quality Or Price?

August 4, 2020 at 9:16 pm | Category: Interior Painting

Today we want to talk real quick about the old price verse quality or timing. Pyramid, if you just go and google that you’re gonna find a bunch of different graphs and ah, a bunch of other things that that will make all this makes sense.
So basically, price, quality or timing there, things that you have a choice on your project to accept or not accept. And it is actually one thing that we ask when you initially first call us.
So when you call up ryan amato painting at 484-821-7112 there’s my cheap plug. You will get somebody on the phone. Ah, either my daughter or carry or tanya or somebody will answer the phone and go through a series of questions, basically trying to determine what you want for your project.
The the one thing that we’re gonna ask is what’s most important to you. Price, quality or timing? It’s not a trick question. It’s not.
It’s not a sales person type of question. It’s a really serious question that could help us style in to get you the project that you want now what most people say when we asked what’s most important to you? Price, timing or quality?
They say all three. So let’s think about that one. Let’s let’s break it down. Price obviously means what is this project worth to you to pay?
So for some people, that’s that’s different. For some people, expensive is not expensive. Expensive is normal for other people. 

Um, a lower priced, inexpensive job is standard, so prices is very different for every person that you talked to. And that’s why we like to offer different options for every job.
So you could get the top of the line project. You want the top of the line job. Well, guess what. You need to have a top of the line job you need. Top of the line painters.
That’s where your quality comes in. If if quality is not important to you, um, you could get a less expensive job. Now, if timing’s important to your timing, meaning when do you want your project completed?
If timing is super important, you have a graduation party. You have a some kind of party coming up and you need you need your epoxy floor done. I need my epoxy. Florida actually just had a customer like this. I need our epoxy floor done by the middle of next month on a thursday because I want to start setting up for the party on friday.
Is that possible? Well, sure, that’s possible. But with that timeline, if it’s not a normal timeline comes an increased cost.
And you say why? Why would it cost extra toe have the time frame that I want? Well, um, you need you have a definitive time frame timing. You have quality that you want.
So you take all these things. The time frame is gonna cost you a little more. We gave the kind frame to you. You want quality. So we gave you the quality.
Well, guess what comes along with those to the price. So we keep the price you can. Only you can only pick two out of those three. And we’re taking the 3rd 1
If you would pick prices. Most important, you want a really cheap price really inexpensive price to fit a budget because you’re painting your house just to sell it.
And you have a definitive time frame. You gotta paint it quick because you got to get it on the market. The quality is not going to be there. So you’re gonna have to accept a little less quality.
Why? Because all those those top of the line painters for top of the line jobs get paid top of the line money. You’re not gonna find a a highly experienced painter who could do top of the line work making low grade.
So we want to give you the best quality. You want the best quality you a very good job. Then timing comes into play. So, yes, we could give you a really good price, really good quality.
As long as you’re okay with us getting to when we can, it’s not gonna be on the schedule. It’s going to be. Maybe we have rain all week long, and now we can come to your house. So you’ve given us the flexibility to put your project in anywhere we can.
Do you understand? So far, so we’re talking price quality and timing. Timing again is is the amount of time that you need this project done in.
If you have no time frame, there is just no time. Friend, you don’t care. It could be done any time that you want. That’s great.
So we’ll take that and we can fill you in on a day that it’s raining when they we don’t have work. Um, on a day that may be one of the better painters finished up a job early, and he’s got he or she has three days to do a project we can fit you in.
But if you’re looking for the lowest price, the best quality and you need it done next week, it’s not gonna happen. It’s just not gonna happen. So we want everybody to have realistic expectations and goals for your project that we can actually meet.
We’re in. What are we in right now? We’re at the end of july. Painting business is booming. Even though we’re in the pandemic and covic and all that stuff, people are still busy.
A lot of people don’t want to come back to work right now, so if you’re finding a painter who claims to give you the best quality that you can ever imagine and they gave you an unbelievably low price, I would question that right now it’s not going to happen when can this happen?
It could happen in the winter when people are slow cos air slow and they’re looking for work to fill for those those top of the line high quality painters. That’s the only time that you’re generally going to be able to get all three of those things price, timing and quality.
Or if a company is just totally slow, there’s no work that again. I would question that because I know most companies I know and most really good painters I know are super duper busy right now.
I want to run through it again. So you want you want you don’t care about quality. Quality is not important. You’re just putting a coat of paint on. You don’t care. You don’t have to hit every little spackle hole. You don’t need every little surface done right.
 Timing is important, and price is important. So we can do that, because again, you gave us the quality. We don’t have to send the top of the line painter into your house. Who makes top of the line money.
We can send a very good painter in who can give you a pretty good job and we can give you a good price for that. So that’s where we talk about price quality and timing, and hopefully that makes sense and we’ll talk to you guys soon.

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