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Yes You May Be Able To Paint Your Own Room But At What Cost?

January 8, 2021 at 3:41 pm | Category: Interior Painting

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So you call a few companies for painting estimates not knowing what to expect or how much it costs. You may be able to paint your own room but at what cost?

After going through the process you never explained what you expect.

Not knowing each company does their jobs differently with different levels of preparation, different timee frames, products etc.

When the jobs starts you are amazed they don’t tape each and every surface for ultra clean lines.

They don’t wash the walls, or clean the outlet covers while they are off, remove light fixtures etc because that’s what you would do.

They don’t use a halogen light to capture every inch of the wall to make it ultra smooth.

Of course you paid $500 to paint this room, the painter should be doing the same thing as you right?

As a homeowner you have all the time in the world, no need to make payroll, cover overhead and no need to finish your projects in an efficient and productive manner.

While also maintaining a level of quality .
So that bedroom that takes you all weekend$ or a week to paint, takes a pro painter a day to complete.

Of course if you take twice as long to do it you may be able to achieve a better level of quality but consider the amount of time your losing with other things you can be doing.

The amount of time you lose is certainly worth the convenience of using a professional painter.

It’s the same as hiring any other trade to complete a project at home, it’s one of convenience.

Freeing up time and generally getting a better job than you can achieve, but not always.

Remember time costs, trades charge based on time, each hour costs a certain amount.

If you didn’t explain to the painter exactly what your expectations are, and are prepared to pay for them for what that level of quality you want, you should reconsider this or you may have missed expectations.

Which can cause stress, anger and a horrendous experiences or the painter and yourself

Know that someone else may not be able to devote a week or more to one bedroom.

Most painters don’t use tape to achieve clean lines, except for certain areas.

Not many people wash the walls, are the walls that dirty?
Spraying is not an option in an occupied home and not always quicker, consider it a tool to get the paint to the surface quicker,it would still need to be rolled.
The amount of covering would make the risk greater than the reward.

What you must consider is the knowledge and experience of the painter your choosing,.

With that comes years and years of trial and error, using every product imaginable to find the ones that perform the best and hold up over time.

Yes you may be able to ultimately do it “better” but at what cost?

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